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How To Drive Sales with Digital Audio

Digital audio listener.
We are all familiar with media’s shift from analog to digital and how that’s transforming the marketing landscape.  The decline of television is often at the forefront of this conversation, but television is certainly not the only medium impacted by this massive shift.  What is
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The Key to Radio’s Long Term Survival

As usual, at last week’s “Country Radio Seminar,” there was a multitude of artist performances, thousands of attendees, dozens of seminars, events and panels covering a huge array of subjects. But the overriding theme, to this author, was centered around how to maint
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Evolution of Streaming Radio vs. Terrestrial Radio

Speaker Image
I was in my friend’s car when I complimented him on the music he was listening to.  He responded that we were actually listening to Pandora.  I was quite fascinated with the idea of listening to streaming music using the stereo or navigation system while driving. He then told me that
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CRS Considers Challenges, Celebrates Growth

CRS 2013
Relationships are the key to any business enterprise and one of TEC Direct Media’s best opportunities to refresh and expand those relationships happened last week. The annual gathering of Country Radio Broadcasters took place Feb 27th through March 1st in Nashville.  For the fif
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Music of the Common Man

Last week, New York City finally got a full-time country radio station again after 17 years without.  And Cumulus Radio’s not stopping there.  They’re spreading the “country lifestyle” via radio, an online presence and a forthcoming magazine.  This move undersc
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