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Rhino Podcast

“As a music fan this is the kind of podcast I would want to listen to, with artists, producers, and even hardcore fans taking part.”- John Hughes, Executive Producer/Rhino VP of Fan Engagement.

TEC Direct Media is proud to announce we are the exclusive advertising sales representatives for the new podcast series, “The Rhino Podcast.”

The official Rhino Podcast offers listeners a deep dive into classic artists and albums, interviews with your favorite musicians, and a wealth of behind-the-scenes stories. The podcast is produced by PopCult and Rich Mahan, who co-hosts with Dennis Scheyer.

“The Rhino Podcast” is a bi-weekly series that launched in early 2018, with a dozen episodes now available, focusing on such musical heavyweights as the Ramones, Aretha Franklin, The Cars, Graham Nash, Gene Simmons, and The Smiths, among others. Each episode offers listeners a chance to dive deep into classic artists and albums, interviews with musicians, and lots of juicy behind-the-scenes stories about listener’s favorite music.

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