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Miguel – Kaleidoscope Dreams

Ask Miguel about the prevailing emotion he felt in the weeks before the release of his second studio album, “Kaleidoscope Dream” (RCA), and he’ll tell you straight up: “Nervous. I was nervous as hell, man. To tell you the truth, I still am a little bit.”

His anxiety has likely been mollified slightly by the album’s reception: nearly universal critical acclaim and a No. 3 debut on the Billboard album chart. It bucks the trend of most commercially successful R&B albums of recent years in that it is a largely self-contained effort. “Kaleidoscope Dream” isn’t a songwriter-by-committee effort or a series of would-be singles marbled with cameos and sculpted by various A-list producers. Instead, Miguel has his fingerprints on every track as a writer and producer or executive producer.

(Source: ChicagoTribune.)


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