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Muse – Live At Rome Olympic Stadium DVD/Blu-ray & CD

Muse – Live At Rome Olympic Stadium is the first ever concert film shot in 4K Ultra High Definition.  4K means more pixels – to be precise 8.8 million of them bursting off the screen in even frame, that’s four times more than you’re used to seeing in the cinema. And more pixels means richer colors, a sharper image and more breath taking detail than you ever imagined.

While their playing is top notch on the album, just as impressive is the show they have created and the manner in which director Matt Askem captured it in high-definition video.  A massive stage that shoots fire and flashes lights — all choreographed to the explosive beats of “Supremacy,” the opening number — is the centerpiece of the band’s set. The stage itself is a show, with oddly shaped vertical video screens on either side projecting close-ups of the band members for those in the cheap seats.

Source:  TheSpectrum.com