Since 2001, we've managed media for agencies, brands, and artists.

Staying true to our roots in direct response, we manage media using low cost buying tactics across all media channels in over 20 different product categories.

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Our Culture

Headquartered in Chicago and comprised of talent located across the country, TEC Direct Media fosters a culture of collaboration that transcends geographical boundaries. 

Regardless of where our team members work, we prioritize the cultivation of a collaborative environment daily.  In the dynamic and ever-changing media industry, effective communication lies at the heart of ensuring seamless connectivity, when no two days are alike.

While we’re pretty damn good at planning, buying, and optimizing media campaigns, we’re humble enough to acknowledge that we don’t know it all. The media landscape is evolving daily and we are constantly learning about new media and the technology that surrounds it. In order to ensure accountability for our clients, we’ve developed our proprietary integrated media management software and processes that efficiently handle all available media options.

Each team player is encouraged to fly solo and soar with their strengths so they can bring their expertise to our team. While we may joke around from time to time, there are no competing interests or turf wars. We are here to solve problems together, drive results, make our clients successful, and along the way have an amazing journey filled with some laughs.

Our Values

We believe the best media plans are a combination of experience, time and talent (yours and ours).

No mistakes. We take pride in doing a job the right way. Our proprietary tools also help ensure that media investments stay on track.

We are media strategists and there’s no winning without a strategic plan in place.

Relationships drive business forward. We grow and maintain meaningful relationships across the industry.

Media is evolving and so are we. Our staff completes ongoing education and training in all media channels to stay at the top of our industry. And we are eager to share our knowledge with you.

When we’re your media partner, you can expect swift and thoughtful responses.

Whether we’re buying your media or improving a process to drive a result, efficiency is at the heart of everything we do.

We want you to be successful so we’ll begin every media plan with a simple question. What’s the desired result you’re looking to achieve? Getting to your intended destination may take a few steps or various solutions but you can expect us to be well equipped to help get you there.

Benefits & Perks

Our full-time employees enjoy some great perks!

Life, Health, & AD&D Insurance

401(k) & Profit Sharing

Bonus Compensation Opportunities

Professional Development

Cell & Internet Reimbursement

3 Weeks Paid Time Off (in the first year!)

Work From Home

Coffee & Snacks in Office


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Our Clients Say

Fantasy Records
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"Great leadership and people from top down...everyone I've ever dealt with at TEC - they are top notch."
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"TEC Direct is our go-to partner for planning all our OOH and TV campaigns. They turn around availability, options and out-of-the-box ideas at lightning speed and client-ready formats. We couldn’t do it without them!"
Immotion Studios
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"TEC Direct does an outstanding job with execution and keeps our agency updated with the newest trends and opportunities in the digital space. They are the partner you are searching for when it comes to brainstorming various strategies.  They created a self-funding campaign for our new brand in just 4 weeks."
Round Hill Records
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"I cannot speak more highly of TEC Direct Media. They are not only consummate professionals, but are also communicative, transparent, and inventive. We use TEC Direct Media for all of our paid media needs and I would recommend them to anyone in need of these services."
Croshal Entertainment Group
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"TEC is instrumental to many of the projects at Croshal Entertainment Group and the achievements of our clients! We love working with them, they are professional and personable. We are so grateful to have a continuing relationship with Chuck and his staff members. We HIGHLY recommend their expertise to anyone who is looking for an advertising company that is also hands on through the entire process."
Universal Music Enterprises
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"TEC Direct Media is always very flexible and willing to make on-the-fly changes when needed in order to get the most out of each of my projects. We saw an increase in sales during our last campaign period so, mission accomplished!"
Capitol Records Nashville
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"I have always been impressed with TEC Direct's consistent reporting throughout the life of a campaign and after. It's nice to know where our money is making an impact and in what ways; TEC Direct Media does the analysis for me!"
Concord Music Group
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"A heartfelt thank you to you all for helping make James Taylor's "Before This World" debut at NUMBER ONE at Billboard!  It’s his first #1 ever in his career.  We really appreciate all your hard work; you are an integral part of the album’s success."
Street League Skateboarding
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"Their media expertise in big events and entertainment immediately helped drive growth in ticket sales as well as viewership of our televised special.  They are a trusted adviser and part of our continued success."
Triple 9 Management
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"We are almost done with this tour and we couldn’t have done it without y’all.  I was just commenting that our ticket sales have picked up nicely.  Thank you so much!"
Health and Beauty Product
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"TEC Direct Media is extraordinarily adaptive and predictive, delivering an abundance of market insight and data-driven results."
Rhino Entertainment
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"Their media expertise in big events and entertainment immediately helped drive growth in ticket sales as well as viewership of our televised special. They are a trusted adviser and part of our continued success."

We plan and buy media for agencies, brands, and artists so they can generate awareness, acquire new customers and drive sales. 



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