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Turn existing site traffic and search into leads with urWebLeads.

Perhaps you already have a good marketing list or maybe you’re just starting to build one. In either case, by leveraging the power of urWebLeads you now have two new sources from which to add more qualified prospects to your list.

The first lead source is your website

Each day fans and potential customers may visit your site. But only a small percentage end up making a conversion. urWebLeads attempts to identify your unknown site visitors using our proprietary database. When a match is made we will deliver the lead. Each lead contains the name, email address, postal address, and more.

It doesn’t end there

urWebLeads can also help identify prospects after they’ve searched for your company, your products or services. Much like an SEM campaign, urWebLeads uses a keyword-based matching system across the top search engines.

urWebLeads attempts to identify those keyword-based searches against our proprietary database. When a match is made, we will deliver the lead.

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