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We design plans using a mix of online and offline media. Our comprehensive media planning and buying services are responsive, knowledgeable, strategic, and give our clients the accountability and value they require.

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Video, Audio, & Display

We build digital media plans that target and engage consumers across multiple acquisition channels including programmatic, email, search, OTT, social, native and mobile using a variety of display, video and audio creative formats.


National & Local Television

Linear TV, CTV, DRTV. It’s all in our wheelhouse.
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Out of Home

Reach the world with outdoor media

From the smallest Posters to the largest Billboards, Transit, and Cinema, we’ll find the best locations across the globe for your outdoor & out-of-home ads.


Terrestrial & Streaming Audio

The original broadcast medium just keeps evolving. Let us plan your next audio strategy using a mix of today’s top stations, radio programs, streaming services and podcasts. 
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Newspapers, Magazines, Postcards & FSI

Whether you’re outlining the benefits of your product to the consumer or congratulating a Grammy-nominated artist in a targeted publication, physical print advertising leaves a lasting impression.

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Our Clients Say

Fantasy Records
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"Great leadership and people from top down...everyone I've ever dealt with at TEC - they are top notch."
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"TEC Direct is our go-to partner for planning all our OOH and TV campaigns. They turn around availability, options and out-of-the-box ideas at lightning speed and client-ready formats. We couldn’t do it without them!"
Immotion Studios
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"TEC Direct does an outstanding job with execution and keeps our agency updated with the newest trends and opportunities in the digital space. They are the partner you are searching for when it comes to brainstorming various strategies.  They created a self-funding campaign for our new brand in just 4 weeks."
Round Hill Records
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"I cannot speak more highly of TEC Direct Media. They are not only consummate professionals, but are also communicative, transparent, and inventive. We use TEC Direct Media for all of our paid media needs and I would recommend them to anyone in need of these services."
Croshal Entertainment Group
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"TEC is instrumental to many of the projects at Croshal Entertainment Group and the achievements of our clients! We love working with them, they are professional and personable. We are so grateful to have a continuing relationship with Chuck and his staff members. We HIGHLY recommend their expertise to anyone who is looking for an advertising company that is also hands on through the entire process."
Universal Music Enterprises
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"TEC Direct Media is always very flexible and willing to make on-the-fly changes when needed in order to get the most out of each of my projects. We saw an increase in sales during our last campaign period so, mission accomplished!"
Capitol Records Nashville
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"I have always been impressed with TEC Direct's consistent reporting throughout the life of a campaign and after. It's nice to know where our money is making an impact and in what ways; TEC Direct Media does the analysis for me!"
Concord Music Group
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"A heartfelt thank you to you all for helping make James Taylor's "Before This World" debut at NUMBER ONE at Billboard!  It’s his first #1 ever in his career.  We really appreciate all your hard work; you are an integral part of the album’s success."
Street League Skateboarding
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"Their media expertise in big events and entertainment immediately helped drive growth in ticket sales as well as viewership of our televised special.  They are a trusted adviser and part of our continued success."
Triple 9 Management
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"We are almost done with this tour and we couldn’t have done it without y’all.  I was just commenting that our ticket sales have picked up nicely.  Thank you so much!"
Health and Beauty Product
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"TEC Direct Media is extraordinarily adaptive and predictive, delivering an abundance of market insight and data-driven results."
Rhino Entertainment
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"Their media expertise in big events and entertainment immediately helped drive growth in ticket sales as well as viewership of our televised special. They are a trusted adviser and part of our continued success."

Frequently Asked Questions

We plan and buy media for artists, brands and other agencies.

In a word - no.  We execute media campaigns starting at just a few thousand dollars per month all the way to multi-million-dollar campaigns, using a mix of today’s media.

Most of our clients are B2C, however we also manage B2B campaigns using our advanced digital targeting capabilities.

If we had to pick right now, they are digital, broadcast, and outdoor media (but this changes monthly).  We started as a TV agency in 2001.  Today, we plan and buy almost every form of paid media.

Before we begin any work, we discuss our fee structure so there are no surprises.  Our fees are based on scope of work, the type of media you want us to manage and the total annual media investment.  Ask us how you can become eligible for reduced fees.

How to Set a Media Budget for Your Ad Campaign

Crafting a media budget requires a comprehensive understanding of campaign objectives, audience dynamics, and strategic considerations. Chuck Fetterly addresses a common question from advertisers: How do I set a media budget for my ad campaign?

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We plan and buy media for agencies, brands, and artists so they can generate awareness, acquire new customers and drive sales. 



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