Multi-Channel Campaign Drives Views and Post Engagement


Awareness, Consideration, Music Video Views, Drive Streams & Sales

Rounder Records, a renowned record label known for its diverse roster of talented artists, collaborated with TEC Direct to promote Sierra Ferrell’s latest release, Trail of Flowers.

With a goal of increasing awareness, consideration, music video views, and driving streams & sales, Rounder Records sought to reach fans of Sierra Ferrell and similar artists, as well as enthusiasts of Americana, Folk, and Indie music genres.

Sierra Ferrell

To effectively reach the target audience, TEC Direct implemented a multi-channel campaign strategy that spanned across various digital platforms and Out-of-Home (OOH) placements.

We leveraged several different targeting strategies to appeal to various audience lifestyles.


We achieved significant traction for Sierra Ferrell’s Trail of Flowers release, resulting in increased music video views, streams, and sales.

The social media campaign exceeded expectations by consistently receiving high numbers of post engagements and link clicks and resulted in one of the highest CTRs we’ve seen to date. Retail media networks delivered strong ROAS.

billboard in Nashville

Additionally, the campaign’s focus on testing various targeting strategies to reach fans provided valuable insights into audience preferences and behaviors, enabling Rounder Records to optimize future marketing efforts effectively.

Trail of Flowers debuted at No. 1 on the Emerging Artists, Heatseekers, and Tastemakers charts. Additionally, the album landed in the Top 25 on the Country Albums chart, top 10 on the Americana Albums chart, top 20 on the Independent Albums chart, and top 40 on the Billboard Artist 100. The release also landed in the top 10 on the Album Sales chart and top five on the Vinyl Albums chart.

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