Radio and Outdoor Media Drive Sales for Specialized


Raise awareness of sales promotions. Introduce e-bikes and change perception from recreational equipment to a tool for transportation. Support local dealer network.


The agency of record for Specialized Bicycles.


When we began working with Specialized, they wanted to support a spring sales promotion in key markets with terrestrial radio. Using our low-cost buying strategy, we placed a high-frequency radio schedule across 5 large Nielsen audio markets to enhance awareness and drive in-store traffic.

Soon after, our next assignment was to help introduce e-bikes. We were specifically asked to test outdoor media in strategic Arizona markets. Using different creative messaging that challenged typical transportation norms, we targeted older adults with higher incomes and prospected for new riders amongst commuters and users of mass transit. We used radius targeting near key retailers and placed a series of billboards, digital boards, and light rail ads reaching those who typically travel by car, bus, or train.   


Radio ads drove significant sales increases vs. the prior year (same 5 markets). Specialized e-bike sales exploded and beat projections in our test market making e-bikes the company’s fastest-growing segment.

We plan and buy media for agencies, brands, and artists so they can generate awareness, acquire new customers and drive sales. 



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