3 Things To Remember When Developing A Mobile Media Strategy

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    With penetration of connected mobile devices reaching their largest numbers and still growing, some form of mobile advertising investment is warranted.  There’s no doubt — mobile media is quickly becoming a part of most media campaigns. In fact, eMarketer predicts that by 2019, mobile will make up 72 percent of U.S. digital ad spending.

    If a marketer isn’t thinking “mobile” first, their brand may come in last in the consumer’s mind.  Adding a mobile element to your campaign doesn’t have to be difficult, but before you invest, here are three things to remember when developing your mobile media strategy.

    1. Plan your mobile media strategy with the end in mind – great results.

    Mobile e-commerce has increased and retailers are seeing 25-30%+ of their online traffic coming from mobile devices.  Whether your desired result is awareness, views, clicks, registrations, downloads or purchases, remember that users are becoming used to seeing ads during their mobile experiences. Will the user interact with your ad or find it intrusive?  Think about the look and feel of the creative, the call to action and above all, have a responsive web design ready for mobile visitors.

    2. Unique & rich media ad units help improve engagement.

    Engaging mobile ads are multi-dimensional. They are interactive. Rich media ad units can give the audience a premium experience that lives within the ad unit itself, much like we created with our campaign for Miranda Lambert’s “Platinum” release.

    New voice-activated mobile ad units are another example of innovative and interactive creative. Similar to desktop performance, video ad units are performing very well on mobile devices. Mobile will be the biggest driver of digital video ad spending over the next few years.  Be sure you’re using some unique and highly engaging mobile ads that users find hard to ignore.  We’ve developed a full suite of dynamic and interactive ad units that work well for our clients.

    3. Users spend more time in-app than they do on mobile web.

    Notice how many sites are asking you to download their mobile app?  Apps are attractive to the user because it’s much easier to focus on the key information you want and take action (i.e. search for/make a flight reservation) in the app vs. on their the full site (or mobile web site).  eMarketer projects in-app spend to nearly triple mobile web spend by 2016.  So fish where the fish are and make sure you can allocate a large portion of your mobile budget to in-app inventory.  At TEC Direct Media we access over 80% of the in-app and mobile web inventory – with transparency!

    With good strategy, proper planning, great creative units, excellent ad inventory that’s targeted and viewable, you can increase your return on mobile media investment.  Please feel free to contact me personally so we can discuss how best to integrate mobile media into your next campaign.


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