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Awareness, engagement, streams and sales.

We celebrate the success of our label clients with every stream, view, #1 single or top selling album. Over the last several years we’ve managed ad campaigns for emerging artists to Grammy winners.

Media, much like music, is going through its own evolution. And even with so much change we remain successful at planning and buying the most effective video, audio and display ads across broadcast, desktop, mobile, paid social, search, print and out of home for our beloved music clients.

How Do You Compare?

Want to understand how your marketing efforts compare to what others are doing?  Are you getting the most bang for your buck?  Download our music industry marketing and advertising insights report to learn how your results compare to the rest of the music industry and where you can improve.

TEC Direct Media's 2020 Media Insights for the Music Industry
TEC Direct Media’s 2020 Media Insights for the Music Industry
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