Podcast Ads Add Reach And Engagement

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    Advertising in podcasts can add to your reach and engagement with desired audiences. This growing audio medium delivers an attentive audience and strong brand recall. Advertising in podcasts has become an effective way to reach new and existing customers and should be seriously considered for your next media plan.

    Podcast Audiences Are Growing

    Nielsen reports a 40% increase in podcast listening over the last three years, with much of that happening over the most recent two years. The number of podcast titles and episodes has doubled in two years providing a large variety of content for listeners and a unique environment for advertisers.

    Who Listens to Podcasts?

    Podcast listenership (as reported by Edison Research) skews slightly more toward males (52%) and two-thirds of podcast listeners have a college degree and an average annual income of $75k. Women are a growing share of monthly listeners. 40% of women monthly podcast listeners started listening to podcasts within the last year. Perhaps the biggest increase in podcast listenership in the past year has been among the 12-34 age group.

    Podcasts are a viable media option to consider if you’re looking to reach millennial or Gen Z customers. Millennials and Gen Z tend to listen to podcasts featuring interviews with big celebrities. But they’ll also listen to shows that educate them about new trends or news that impacts their lives or careers. Millennials and Gen Z say they are more likely to listen to podcasts for professional reasons. More than half of millennials listen to educational podcasts.

    Monthly podcast listening saw year-over-year growth among those aged 35-54. 43% are now monthly podcast listeners (up from 39% in 2021). Daily podcast consumers listen more often, and to more titles. Advertising in podcasts is an effective way to reach engaged audiences.

    Podcast Audiences Are Engaged With The Content

    One big reason that podcast ads improve reach and engagement with your customers, is the way listeners interact with the medium itself. Audio messages provide value and offer a personalized experience. Consumers are more engaged when listening to digital audio because they’re curating very specific content driven by their own tastes. Audience engagement with podcasts increased during the pandemic and continues to grow, even as audiences are resuming many pre-pandemic spending behaviors.  In-car podcast listening also showed growth, with 32% of adults who have ridden in, or driven a car in the last month now listening to podcasts in-car.

    Podcast Ads Improve Reach and Engagement

    Including podcast advertising in a media plan can be ideal for marketers looking to drive awareness, especially with unique audiences. There are a few different ways to run ads in podcasts. You can run ads dynamically inserted, pre-, mid-, and post-roll. Sponsoring a podcast is one way to raise awareness with listeners who are loyal to specific podcasts. Host-read ads are another way to make a connection with listeners.

    A great way to capture show-level data to measure ad performance is by creating a unique promo code for each podcast title. Promo codes can be mentioned by the host in the main content of the episode. They can also be promoted using more traditional pre-recorded ads. Take note, we do have certain recommendations in order for this to work well. You must have the infrastructure to create and track multiple unique promo codes. Your sales channels (either directly or through a third party) must also be able to accept promo codes and provide reporting data on usage. These recommendations also apply when using vanity tracking URLs.

    When using vanity tracking URLs in your podcast ads, we recommend having a custom landing page that mentions the referring offer. This lets customers know they’re in the right place, and also reminds them that your brand supports their favorite podcast.

    Podcast Advertising Offers High Brand Recall

    Whether you choose to use dynamic ads or host-read ads, podcast advertising offers high brand recall. Unlike with more passive media, podcast consumers are more likely to consider a brand they hear advertised on podcasts. NPR notes that 72% of its podcast listeners will “respond or take action” after hearing sponsored content.

    More than half of podcast listeners say they pay more attention to ads read by the host(s). And podcast listeners are in the market to spend. Nielsen’s “Podcasting Today” report found that podcast listeners are more likely to plan a major purchase (such as new technology, home entertainment, or a vehicle) within 12 months. Podcast advertising reaches valuable customers.

    Daily podcast listeners are listening more often and to more titles.”

    Nielsen Custom Consumer Sentiment Study,
    March 2022

    Reach Customers With Podcast Ads

    It’s best to work with a media buying agency that has experience with all the logistics of buying this media. We can help you efficiently reach your desired audience, no matter how niche they are, using programmatic buying platforms. We secure the right placements for the campaign goals and we’ll also traffic and verify all ad units. If you need help producing the ad creative, we have many resources available.

    With so many podcasts and so many listeners with buying potential, this audio medium makes sense for advertisers looking to drive top-of-funnel engagement. Let’s connect so you can learn more about what we do. We’ll make sure we understand your goals and advise the best strategy so that your podcast ads improve reach and engagement with your customers.


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    Podcast advertising reaches and engages audiences through an immersive audio medium. It taps into the growing listener base, creating opportunities for increased reach and strong brand recall.

    Podcast audiences are attractive because they are growing, highly educated, and receptive to advertising messages. They offer valuable demographics and a higher likelihood of considering advertised brands.

    Effective strategies include aligning with relevant shows, crafting compelling ad content, and using unique promo codes or tracking URLs.

    Podcast ads provide a personalized listening experience, trust from loyal listeners, niche targeting, and opportunities for host endorsements.

    Measurement can be done through promo code usage, website traffic, conversions, and analytics provided by podcast platforms.

    While effectiveness may vary, podcast ads can benefit businesses across various industries by aligning with relevant shows and engaging their desired audience.


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