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Client:Sony Music Entertainment

Mobile Ad Campaigns Generate Results


Our client, Sony Music, charged us with complimenting a traditional online campaign supporting Cam’s second studio album, Untamed, with a highly-targeted mobile ad campaign to reach young, tech-savvy female country fans.  We came back with a targeted strategy using a mobile ad component to extend the campaign’s reach and generate incremental sales.


We sought out Cam’s potential fan base by running display and rich media mobile ads across female and music-skewing mobile web and in-app inventory and layered on first and third party data, to specifically target female, country music enthusiasts.

Our media buyers optimized impressions daily towards the strongest performing content, creative and targeting segments.  We strategically served different creative (iTunes/Google Play) offers related to the consumer’s mobile operating system and optimized toward the stronger performing OS.


We were able to identify specific audience groups and lifestyles that were highly engaged.  The mobile campaign delivered over 3 times the industry average click through rate (CTR).