Creating a Multi-Media Campaign


Create multi-media campaigns for international artist, Yoshiki, by driving views and traffic to specific artist content on YouTube, generating awareness of his Carnegie Hall performance and increasing Grammy voter consideration.


TEC Direct Media utilized a video strategy around the tri-state area for the local broadcast premiere of Yoshiki’s PBS special featuring his sold-out live performance at Carnegie Hall using Facebook and YouTube campaigns. The campaign’s reach was later expanded to support airings in other markets.

We executed a global YouTube campaign to promote individual Yoshiki works, including Red Swan from the Japanese manga series, Attack on Titan, and Miracle with artist, Sarah Brightman. By contextually and behaviorally targeting J-rock and classical music fans, we increased video views.

Further video strategies included a campaign during the 34th Sanrio Character Ranking voting period to drive users to a live sketch video. Other video campaigns drove views of a sneak-peak video as Yoshiki was about to kick off Tokyo Fashion Week with his kimono fashion line, “Yoshikimono.”

yoshiki live at carnegie hall
yoshiki continues to break records

Our print strategy would increase Grammy voter consideration by securing a two-page spread in Billboard’s Grammy Preview Issue to highlight Yoshiki’s recent works.

To increase awareness of Yoshiki’s YouTube Original series, Life of A Japanese Rockstar, we created a campaign to drive fans to view the trailer of the six-part series.

We incorporated a final local video strategy for Yoshiki’s Carnegie Hall PBS special, leading users to a new video. The campaign geo-targeted select cities across the US, corresponding to air dates in each city.


Throughout the year, the various multi-media campaigns for the international artist effectively reached audiences across the globe. The campaigns delivered millions of video views and produced strong online engagement.

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