OOH Activation Strategy Drives Online Engagement


Rhino Records hired TEC Direct Media to help promote the newly remastered and expanded version of The Smiths’ The Queen is Dead: Deluxe Edition in a creative and unique way, utilizing outdoor media. The goal was to reach hardcore fans of The Smiths, drive online engagement and create buzz for the release, celebrating the original album’s 30th anniversary.



TEC Direct Media purchased bus bench inventory in strategically chosen locations throughout Los Angeles.  The bench creative displayed the title of each song from the release with the hashtag #thequeenisdead.  TEC Direct Media worked with the vendor to install the creative in the order of how the songs appear on the album, appealing to hardcore Smiths fans.


The campaign became a huge success as it generated conversations online across multiple social channels.  Fans shared pictures on social media, subscribed to The Smiths’ social media feeds and were even asking where they could find specific titles so they could take selfies with their favorite song titles. Thus the campaign is a perfect example of how properly executed OOH initiatives can drive online activation more than TV, Radio, and Print (OOH Online Activation Survey, Nielsen, March 2017)

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