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Generating Qualified Leads for Personal Care Brand


For this campaign, we supported an emerging all-natural health & beauty brand with a paid digital media presence throughout the year.


Our objective was to develop a digital media campaign that targets likely consumers and drives them to purchase via their website.


The primary target audience for this campaign was mothers between ages 25-34.


We utilized our programmatic solution “TECX,” which was the perfect tool for this initiative. Running both digital display and pre-roll ad units programmatically allowed us to test multiple targeting strategies and access 1st and 3rd party data to reach the right audience.

“TEC Direct Media is extraordinarily adaptive and predictive, delivering an abundance of market insight and data-driven results.”
– Natural Personal Care Brand

Optimizing the campaign daily and in real-time gave us the ability to 1) uncover multiple target audiences 2) minimize waste  and 3) drive online purchase from the right users, from the right place, at the right time.


Not only were we able to discover new target audiences and increase site traffic, but we developed a fully self-funded online sales channel for the client.

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