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Increasing Awareness Using Cross-Channel Tactics for Social Cause


Our mission was to activate, engage and educate national & international markets through high impact placements. Our goal was to increase awareness for Be Fair Be Vegan’s purpose – animal equality and the end of all animal use.  

“The whole campaign was beautifully executed, and we loved all the placements…We were so happy with the results of our collaboration that we’ve decided to make TEC a long term partner, and look forward to working together on future campaigns.”

– Be Fair Be Vegan (Seattle Campaign)


We combined online and offline media to generate buzz in various global markets and drove online site traffic by strategically applying robust optimizations and targeting methods. 


Every campaign drove high levels of web traffic and each time, we discovered more about which media channels resonated with our target audience. Our initial campaign in Seattle featured some placements in Be Fair Be Vegan’s community-wide vigil (pictured above). We were able to continue making recommendations for future global campaigns.

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Double decker throughout downtown Seattle 

Subway advertising for Be Fair Be Vegan

Capitol Hill Station Domination



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