Non-Profit Increases Awareness & Engages Local Markets


Increase awareness  of  Be Fair Be Vegan’s purpose – animal equality and the end of all animal use.   Engage, educate and activate national & international markets through high impact media placements. 


Be Fair Be Vegan (Non Profit)


We combined online and offline media to work in unison within specific markets (domestic and international).  Media was placed in coordination with local grass roots organizers to raise awareness and support special local events and vigils. 

Be Fair Be Vegan Vigil to increase awareness of the non-profit's purpose


Each campaign delivered high levels of awareness, website traffic, participation in vigils (pictured above) and other events as well as local press mentions. Subsequent campaign performance continues to improve with creative messaging and leveraging first party data.

“The whole campaign was beautifully executed, and we loved all the placements…
We were so happy with the results of our collaboration that we’ve decided to make TEC a long term partner, and look forward to working together on future campaigns.”

Be Fair Be Vegan (Seattle Campaign)

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Capitol Hill Station Domination OOH placement to increase awareness of the non-profit's purpose
Capitol Hill Station Domination in Seattle
STM Station placement to increase awareness of the non-profit's purpose
STM Station Digital Screen in Montreal
St. George Dom to increase awareness of the non-profit's purpose
St. George Station Zone Domination in Toronto

We plan and buy media for agencies, brands, and artists so they can generate awareness, acquire new customers and drive sales. 



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