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Low Cost Media Strategies That Help Emerging Brands


Leveraging an active social media profile with paid media is an efficient and low cost way to boost awareness and generate engagement for emerging brands and artists.  Take for example, our label client, country pop artist, Chris Lane.


Our objective was to generate as much targeted awareness for Chris Lane’s debut album, “Girl Problems,” through the most efficient media channels possible.


1) The existing Chris Lane fan base and 2) potential new fans, comprised mainly of Females 18-34.


We know that F18-34 are heavy users of social media, so our solution was to leverage Chris Lane’s existing social media presence.   We would use his Facebook page and Instagram account as a catalyst to generate targeted awareness for the upcoming release and spur organic growth of his fan base.  We utilized video from his music video, “Fix,” to re-message fans of his page and to introduce his music to potential new fans.


We achieved our goal of delivering a massive amount of targeted impression weight, while also generating thousands of actions such as: shares, clicks, likes, and comments. The campaign introduced Chris Lane’s release to a targeted audience and grew his social media following on both Facebook and Instagram.



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