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Driving University Enrollment


A major University client was looking to increase enrollment for their online degree programs.  With education, and the online degree marketplace in particular, becoming an increasingly competitive category, the University’s marketing agency knew they needed a cost effective media solution for their client.  The agency of record was familiar with our direct response experience and engaged TEC Direct Media to design a digital lead generation campaign that would generate awareness for the University’s online degree program and increase qualified applications.

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Adults 25-34 in specific markets, with various levels of education: high school, some college, college graduate, and current college students.


TEC Direct Media designed, tested, and rolled out a programmatic advertising campaign that drove online applications. Our approach tested various creative and CTA’s to determine an acceptable cost per lead for the University.  By using advanced targeting strategies and tracking real-time results, TEC Direct Media optimized the campaign to determine the lowest possible cost per application.  Through our programmatic advertising platform, TECX, we also delivered the University a very low CPM, which helped improve frequency of message, reach and brand awareness.


The campaign identified the most effective ad units, the best time for engagement and specific targeting strategies that drove higher amounts of applications.  TECX helped discover key behavioral groups and we built a re-targeting strategy to increase application completion.  Our results helped the University learn more about their core audience and acquisition costs.  They now plan and budget more strategically for online enrollment.  The campaign was so successful we were asked to develop a solution to drive ticket sales for the University’s Athletic Department.

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