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Why Advertise On Connected TV?

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    There are many advantages of advertising on Connected TV. Connected TV reaches audiences who are not served by traditional TV and offers targeting options unmatched by its broadcast and cable counterparts.  As a result, brands are using CTV as a complement to their Linear TV campaigns.  Marketers who want to use video but don’t have the budget for traditional TV also like CTV.

    Why Advertise On Connected TV?

    Some 87% of U.S TV households now have at least one Connected TV device (up from 82% last year).  And 46% of adults watch video via a Connected TV device daily. As viewers evaluate the cost and quality of video content available, many are opting to make the switch to paid video streaming services.  Now that the honeymoon has worn off for some early adopters, many of these cord-cutters are looking to reign in their budgets.  Streaming services have listened and are offering lower-priced ad-supported options in the hopes of keeping subscribers and attracting others unwilling to pay full freight for multiple services.

    Beyond ensuring broad reach with complementary campaigns, CTV also allows brands to target very specific audiences and measure their engagement.  With so many advantages to advertising on Connected TV, marketers will want to learn the different ways to harness this medium.

    Targeting With Connected TV

    Just like with online or digital advertising, you can leverage your first-party data and retarget audiences. Targeting options include, site visitors, form completions, display/video clicks, IP addresses, age and gender, income, household, and intent. With Connected TV you can also dictate a frequency cap. That way the viewer won’t be served the same ad, over and over and over.

    How Does Connected TV Work?

    Advertising in CTV requires a slight shift in your thinking compared to advertising on Linear TV.  Rather than running ads in specific dayparts or trying to determine which programming delivers most of your desired audience (as with traditional or Linear TV) CTV works a little differently, and more efficiently. 

    Connected TV ads are served exclusively to the viewers you want to reach. No matter what programming they’re watching or when they decide to watch.  You don’t have to know which programs or dayparts get the best ratings for your varied target audiences.  You also don’t have to pay premium pricing just to access those shows.  Another advantage of advertising on Connected TV is that there’s no waste.

    Is Connected TV The Same As Addressable TV Advertising?

    They’re similar, but some would argue that advertising on Connected TV is more effective.  Addressable TV is the ability to show different ads to different viewers during a Linear TV broadcast.  Connected TV advertising uses detailed targeting capabilities that allow brands to serve different ads to viewers streaming the same show on Connected TV.

    Connected TV and OTT – What’s the Difference?

    There’s not a big difference between CTV and OTT.  CTV refers to internet-connected devices such as Smart TVs, tablets and mobile devices. OTT (or Over-The-Top) inventory is served over other devices (such as Blu-ray players or game consoles) that are connected to the internet.  We have access to inventory for each delivery system.  Depending on your target audience, you run in inventory served on either CTV, OTT or both.

    Bringing Digital Reporting to TV

    With CTV, you get a clear look at metrics that measure your campaign’s performance.  Another advantage of advertising on Connected TV is that you can learn how each of your ad creative executions are performing.  Track viewers who visit your site and see how efficiently your ads are driving site traffic.  If in multiple markets, determine which regions are making an impact.  But probably most importantly, you can track revenue generated by your campaign.

    Linear & CTV Work Together

    This case study for Adele’s 30 release just brushes the surface of what kind of results are possible with combined Connected TV and Linear TV campaigns.

    We’re excited about the opportunities Connected TV provides our clients.  If you’re still on the fence, please listen to our podcast episode, “How Connected TV Fits Into the Media Mix,” to help clear the air. Then, when you’re ready, just reach out.


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    Advertising on CTV reaches audiences not served by traditional TV, offers unmatched targeting options, and is a cost-effective alternative to traditional TV for marketers with budget constraints.

    87% of U.S. TV households now have at least one Connected TV device.

    Unlike Linear TV, which relies on specific dayparts and programming, Connected TV ads are served exclusively to the desired viewers, regardless of the programming they're watching. It offers more efficient targeting and eliminates waste.

    Marketers can leverage first-party data and retarget audiences on Connected TV. Targeting options include site visitors, form completions, display/video clicks, IP addresses, demographics (age, gender, income, household), and intent. Frequency caps can also be set to prevent repetitive ad serving.

    Connected TV advertising allows brands to serve different ads to viewers streaming the same show, while Addressable TV advertising shows different ads to different viewers during a Linear TV broadcast.

    OTT is not device specific – it can be seen on mobile devices, desktops, tablets and Smart TVs. The IAB defines CTV as, “a television set that is connected to the Internet via OTT devices, Blu-ray players and gaming consoles or has built-in Internet capabilities (i.e., a Smart Television) and is able to access a variety of long-form and short-form web-based content.

    With CTV, advertisers gain clear metrics to measure campaign performance, including tracking ad creative performance, site traffic, regional impact, and revenue generated by the campaign.


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