How to Drive E-Commerce with Amazon Data

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    Media In The Moment: Episode 3
    How to Drive E-Commerce with Amazon Data

    Want to harness Amazon purchase data and drive e-commerce for your product? You’ll want to read this.

    There are so many options when it comes to driving e-commerce.  Once you sort through all the offerings and settle on the right vehicles, digital media buying is not a “set-it-and-forget-it” tactic. It still requires eyes-on optimization by experienced buyers to improve performance. There’s one solution that stands out as a true sales performer – the Amazon DSP.  We’re seeing success using Amazon data to drive e-commerce for brands across all kinds of verticals. Our latest podcast takes a look at Amazon’s Demand Side Platform, or Amazon DSP. 

    Are you looking for a proven digital media solution?  Listen to the podcast episode and/or visit the key takeaways below. Our 20 years of experience buying all media-types informs every campaign we plan and execute. We’re happy to connect and help answer any questions you have. Our goal is always to find the most effective solution for your situation. 

    Key Takeaways:

    What is the Amazon DSP?

    The Amazon DSP is another ad buying platform.  It really isn’t that different than what you do with the Facebook ad platform. What’s really unique about it is we have their first party data that allow us to reach people who have made past purchases of certain items. If you’re selling products and want to reach those people, then we can find that audience. The best part about the Amazon DSP is that we’re able to combine its owned and proprietary inventory as well as what’s available across the open exchange. It can yield some terrific results, but we’ve found that your product has to be sold on Amazon to make it worthwhile.

    What creative formats are available with the Amazon DSP?

    Display and video. Standard Display is the primary driver of the business, as well as, Online Video and Amazon OTT/CTV. (Check out our latest article about CTV/OTT.) Anyone who is using display advertising and also sells their products on Amazon, should be looking at this media option. 

    How do you drive e-commerce with Amazon data?

    It helps to look at the differences between the Amazon DSP and other demand side platforms, which primarily are 1) the data and 2) the inventory. 

    First, with Amazon, you have access to their first party data. So, instead of just targeting a third-party behavioral audience and hoping it will deliver an in-market audience, we’re actually going to reach anyone who previously searched, viewed and purchased certain products on Amazon. That way we can retarget people who have already indicated an interest in the product category. 

    Secondly, with the inventory side, some DSPs are just aggregating open exchange inventory. Others are selling their own proprietary inventory. The Amazon DSP is actually tapping into both their own inventory and inventory from supply-side platforms. 

    How does this solution fit into the overall media strategy?

    This is very effective for those clients who are focused on sales and return on ad spend (ROAS).  It’s a great tool for prospecting for new customers or fans and or speaking to your audience when they’re in-market.

    What targeting is available with the Amazon DSP?

    In addition to all the typical targeting you’d expect on any DSP, you can utilize Amazon’s first party data to build custom audiences and also perform very effective retargeting. For example, you literally can target people who have purchased a specific product (yours or a competitors) and then reach them with your message. 

    How can I get started using the Amazon DSP?

    You definitely want to work with an experienced digital media buyer who has access to the Amazon DSP and who also manages media across other types of platforms.  Our Chicago-based media buying agency has been serving emerging brands, artists, labels and other agencies for over 20 years. We’re leading the disruption with media services that are responsive, knowledgeable, accountable and provide value. We invite you to contact us so we can answer any more questions and provide a hand with solutions such as these.

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