Retail Media Networks

Drive sales with Retail Media Networks

Retail Media Networks allow marketers to tap into a retailer’s first-party customer data and reach shoppers who searched for your (or a similar) product.

Reach In-Market Customers

As marketers shift strategies to adapt to the elimination of third-party cookies, Retail Media Networks present a great alternative. These networks can help reach new and existing in-market customers.

Sample Retail Media Networks

  • Amazon DSP
  • Walmart Connect
  • Roundel (Target)
  • CVS Media Exchange
  • Walgreens Advertising Group
  • Instacart
  • Kroger

Competitor Targeting

Using the retail networks’ first-party sales data, we’re able to target individuals who’ve already searched for, purchased, or added a product to their cart. We can even help you reach shoppers who have visited your competitor’s product pages and didn’t make a purchase.

What TEC Direct Provides

  • Advertising Strategy
  • High-Quality Ads
  • Display & Video Advertising Expertise
  • Demand Side Platform Management
  • Audience Analysis
  • Continuous Optimization

Display | Audio | Video

Branding & Awareness | Lead Gen | Direct to Consumer | Prospecting

Desktop | Mobile | Connected TV

On Retailer Site | Other Sites | Connected TV

Gain Customer Insights

Insider Intelligence predicts that retail media will be “the third big wave of digital advertising, following in the footsteps of search and social.” The results of these campaigns can help inform many aspects of a brand’s marketing strategy, from pricing and product packaging to distribution.

Experience Matters

If you have more questions, this podcast episode can help. In it, we discuss targeting options, available creative formats, and how Retail Media Networks fit into your overall media strategy.

We’re proud to be recognized as a Top Illinois Digital Marketing Agency by DesignRush. The following case study highlights how we helped another advertising agency and their client leverage a robust retargeting strategy, using valuable first-party shopping data to reach consumers who had previously searched, viewed, and purchased the manufacturer’s products within the last 30 – 90 days.

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Retail Media Network Increases Sales for Emerging Brand

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