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Ad Blocking: What it Means for Advertisers

The internet has become an ad-cluttered, congested highway of information.  The user experience of web browsing has become not so pleasant, so it comes as no surprise when, according to eMarketer, over 25% of Internet users will use ad blocking software this year. The Digital Ad Exper
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What To Look For In a Media Agency

What to Look For in a media agency
The marketing and advertising industry has changed more in the past few years than it has in the past fifty, according to a 2013 Adobe poll. With the overall media landscape changing faster than a chameleon changes color, it is imperative that the team in charge of your media buying i
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How to Improve PPC Campaigns For User Engagement

PPC Campaigns
One of the best ways we’ve increased sales for our music and entertainment clients is by running effective PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ad campaigns.  We can improve engagement in PPC campaigns by reaching the very people who are searching for your artist or related artists, events or fi
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This Ad Campaign is Not “One-Size-Fits-All”

Summer is finally here! After this year’s endless, brutal Chicago winter, we couldn’t be more excited for warmer weather. It’s time for a season of vacations, picnics, street festivals, trips to North Avenue Beach, swimming, and… oh, wait. So, how is that diet of yours coming along? I
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Too Small, or Just Right?

Friends have said that I have a talent for getting more value for what things are worth.  I get compliments on clothes and even if I try to “zip it” I can’t help but share that I got them on sale.   I am a bargain shopper and live and breathe it.  I feel a great sense of a
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