Accountability & Reporting

Our clients have always valued the accountability and reporting we provide.

Why? Because they guarantee efficient investment, accurate placements and media plans that deliver the intended result. So how do we manage your media? With M3D.

What is M3D?

M3D is our proprietary media management software. It helps improve business economies by leveraging critical media planning, media buying and response data into insight and efficiency for our clients. It’s what we like to call media management with a 360-degree perspective.

  • Planners and buyers have over 20 years of media rates & results at their finger tips.
  • Data from over 13,000 media outlets (and growing every day).
  • Clients choose any cadence of campaign reporting they like (delivered via email).
  • 24×7 access to campaign pacing and performance.

Media Planning, Buying, Monitoring & Measurement

Media planning entails sourcing and selecting optimal media platforms and channels for a client’s brand, product or service.  And nothing directs a media planner better than an entire agency’s past category experience.  Whether that’s a media category or a client’s business category.  Now you need flawless execution, flexibility and stewardship to optimize your campaign.  With M3D, our staff consistently designs, executes, monitors and optimizes effective national and local media campaigns across ALL MEDIA types. We negotiate hard, track every buy and provide the media optimization and support that achieves goals.

M3D Protects Every Dollar You Invest

M3D offers a strategic advantage and protects your media investments.  We’ve saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by detecting incorrect media placements.  By proactively monitoring virtually all media placements during the campaign, we know every day how your media campaign is clearing and performing.  If a media outlet makes a mistake we fix it fast. Most problems are remedied within flight. M3D gives you protection and will ensure that every dollar you place with us works as hard as it can.

On Demand Access

With M3D’s reporting interface, you’re never left in the dark.  You have access to your campaign data 24X7.  And when it comes time for the post analysis, there are no surprises, only high fives.  M3D is not just about measuring media delivery, it’s about providing insights into what impacts sales.  It goes beyond simple media metrics and includes those KPI’s you want to track.

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