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Multi-Channel Video Strategy Drives EST Downloads


Our objective was to drive Electronic Sell-Through downloads of the movie “Bad Santa 2” during the two weeks following its digital release.


We utilized a multi-channel video strategy to reach our core M25-34 demographic and drive EST downloads.

Driving EST Downloads

Paid social media campaign helped drive EST downloads.

We focused on :15 and :30 video ad units, supplementing with display and companion banners when available. By targeting M25-34 with video ad units on the devices where they consume the most digital content, we were able to reach the right consumers, at the right time, and on the right devices.


We saw high engagement metrics across the board for each of our digital tactics. In order to drive downloads of the movie, we optimized each tactic towards the highest CTR and the most clicks. Our top-performing strategies were our video and social tactics, delivering very high CTRs and significant impression weight. By targeting a very specific audience for this campaign, we were able to connect and engage with the right audience for the movie and generate impressive results.


drive EST downloads

Video ad units help drive EST downloads.