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Alternative Media Drives Ticket Sales for Haunted Holdings


For over ten years, almost all of the marketing and advertising had been managed in-house for Haunted Holdings.  Radio partnerships were in place, outdoor media secured in key locations, SEM and SEO already tuned up.  However, the fan base was shifting to digital media channels, TEC Direct Media was asked to complement the existing traditional media plan and reach fans (and prospect for new fans) for the seasonal attraction in the weeks preceding Halloween. 


TEC Direct Media introduced a cross-device digital media strategy using video and display ads, purchased programmatically.  The plan featured several rich media creative units customized for each market to reach desktop and mobile users.  With alternative media we leveraged our technology platforms to better target fans, and do so efficiently.


Engagement was immediate from day one and several key performance indicators were measured throughout.  For example, video ad units generated higher engagement rates among horror fans and user data collected from this medium was used to build re-targeting pools.  Cost per acquisition (CPA) goals were established for pre-show sales and local attractions saw an increase in ticket sales before and during the Halloween events.