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Why Advertise During a Pandemic

2020 is not turning out to be the year we all thought it was going to be.  As of April 16, Americans in at least 42 states have been urged to stay at home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Schools, restaurants and a range of nonessential businesses have been closed. It may see
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Digital Audio Refresher

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While terrestrial radio is very much alive and still offers many benefits to marketers, it won’t be long before the average US adult will spend more time listening to digital audio than radio. Digital audio is an attractive medium for advertisers to effectively reach consumers who enj
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Time Spent with Media: 3 Top Trends

Do you use 12 hours of media a day? There’s a good chance you do. Although the amount of consumers’ total media consumption has reached its peak, time spent with digital media continues to rise slightly year-by-year. A portion of digital’s gain derives from digital audio due to
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