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Why Use a Media Agency?

Why use a media agency?
Have you ever asked, “Why use a media agency when I can do this myself?”  “What does a media agency do that I can’t do?” Many years ago, I was asked to name one common mistake marketers make.  I immediately responded, “trying to buy your own media can be
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TEC Direct Media Announces Partnership With Rhino Records For New Podcast, “The Rhino Podcast”

The Rhino Podcast
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: Cheri Cranford – AristoPR – 615-269-7071 – Cheri@aristomedia.com Nicole Innes – AristoPR – 615-269-7071 – Nicole@aristomedia.com TEC Direct Media Announces Partnership With Rhino Records For New Podcast, “The Rhino Podcast” “As a music fan this is the k
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Paid Mobile Advertising: Why It Belongs In Your Digital Strategy

paid mobile advertising
Paid mobile advertising, and mobile devices in general, are getting more attention from marketers these days as it’s become apparent, that’s where the eyeballs are.  In 2018, 52.2 percent of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones.  As this share
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Why is Podcast Advertising Getting So Much Attention?

podcast advertising
Podcasts, and podcast advertising, are getting a lot of attention these days from publishers and advertisers alike.  Overall listenership is still relatively small, but it is growing, and audiences are engaged with the content.  While millennials were the early adopters (63% of podcas
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Why Consider Using an Omnichannel Approach?

What is Omnichannel Marketing? For most retail marketers it’s the belief that if they can better integrate online and in-store experiences they’ll win more sales.  Frankly it seems to be working.  According to eMarketer, “Omnichannel investments are paying off.”  eMarketer estimates t
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Is Connected TV (OTT) Right for Advertisers?

As consumers become more accustomed to watching video programming on their own terms and with varied devices, Connected TV is getting much-deserved attention by media planners and buyers.  Laptops, cellphones, tablets, gaming consoles, desktop computers, TVs…it seems the list of techn
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Who Are Your Customers?

Who Are Your Customers?
Creating Real Relationships with Customers Requires Knowing More About Them. Are you taking time to learn more about your customers?  62% of senior marketers surveyed in the last year said they’re leveraging marketing technology to get to know their customers and prospects. Even still
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Best Types of Digital Media for Brand Awareness

digital media for brand awareness
Knowing how to allocate your marketing resources ultimately depends on your goals. When it comes to increasing brand awareness in particular, certain types of digital media fare better than others. Brand awareness has a different dynamic than specifically trying to attract, let alone
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7 Advantages of Television Advertising

Advantages of Television Advertising
If you’ve been keeping track, you know by now that millennials, as a whole, are watching less traditional TV. But it’s important to go deeper to understand how audience viewing is changing and that there are still many advantages of television advertising. We caution our clients not t
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Direct Marketing Strategies for 2017 That You Can’t Ignore

Direct Marketing Tips
In the digital age, it feels like traditional direct marketing (ie. DRTV and direct mail) is starting to get left behind as marketers embrace the efficiency and speed of digital marketing. After all, digital marketing campaigns and their subsequent rate of return are easy to analyze a
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