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Why is Podcast Advertising Getting So Much Attention?

podcast advertising
Podcasts, and podcast advertising, are getting a lot of attention these days from publishers and advertisers alike.  Overall listenership is still relatively small, but it is growing, and audiences are engaged with the content.  While millennials were the early adopters (63% of podcas
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7 Advantages of Television Advertising

Advantages of Television Advertising
If you’ve been keeping track, you know by now that millennials, as a whole, are watching less traditional TV. But it’s important to go deeper to understand how audience viewing is changing and that there are still many advantages of television advertising. We caution our clients not t
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Direct Marketing Strategies for 2017 That You Can’t Ignore

Direct Marketing Tips
In the digital age, it feels like traditional direct marketing (ie. DRTV and direct mail) is starting to get left behind as marketers embrace the efficiency and speed of digital marketing. After all, digital marketing campaigns and their subsequent rate of return are easy to analyze a
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Ad Blocking: What it Means for Advertisers

The internet has become an ad-cluttered, congested highway of information.  The user experience of web browsing has become not so pleasant, so it comes as no surprise when, according to eMarketer, over 25% of Internet users will use ad blocking software this year. The Digital Ad Exper
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How To Drive Sales with Digital Audio

Digital audio listener.
We are all familiar with media’s shift from analog to digital and how that’s transforming the marketing landscape.  The decline of television is often at the forefront of this conversation, but television is certainly not the only medium impacted by this massive shift.  What is
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What To Look For In a Media Agency

What to Look For in a media agency
The marketing and advertising industry has changed more in the past few years than it has in the past fifty, according to a 2013 Adobe poll. With the overall media landscape changing faster than a chameleon changes color, it is imperative that the team in charge of your media buying i
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3 Things To Remember When Developing A Mobile Media Strategy

Mobile Media Strategy
With penetration of connected mobile devices reaching their largest numbers and still growing, some form of mobile advertising investment is warranted.  There’s no doubt — mobile media is quickly becoming a part of most media campaigns. In fact, eMarketer predicts that by 2019, mobile
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How to Improve PPC Campaigns For User Engagement

PPC Campaigns
One of the best ways we’ve increased sales for our music and entertainment clients is by running effective PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ad campaigns.  We can improve engagement in PPC campaigns by reaching the very people who are searching for your artist or related artists, events or fi
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TEC Direct Media Names Associate Media Director

Melissa Barzaga, Associate Media Director
For Immediate Release February 11, 2015 Chicago, IL  – TEC Direct Media has promoted Melissa Barzaga to Associate Media Director.  She was previously a Media Supervisor at the media planning/buying agency. In her role as Associate Media Director, Ms. Barzaga will lead client strategy
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This Ad Campaign is Not “One-Size-Fits-All”

Summer is finally here! After this year’s endless, brutal Chicago winter, we couldn’t be more excited for warmer weather. It’s time for a season of vacations, picnics, street festivals, trips to North Avenue Beach, swimming, and… oh, wait. So, how is that diet of yours coming along? I
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