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Why Advertise During a Pandemic

2020 is not turning out to be the year we all thought it was going to be.  As of April 16, Americans in at least 42 states have been urged to stay at home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Schools, restaurants and a range of nonessential businesses have been closed. It may see
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4 Reasons Why TV Still Belongs in Your Media Plan

4 Reasons TV Should Still Be in Your Media Plan
Mobile, social and other digital channels get a lot of love as marketers go on endless quests for shiny new things. However, when we get too caught up in novelty, we risk forgetting about some of the best tested, most effective tools we have at our disposal. TV may seem like old news,
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How To Balance Offline and Online Media

Traditional and Digital Media Plan
The ultimate questions many marketers wonder – how do you balance online and offline media? Is traditional advertising still effective?  I sat down with TEC Direct Media President, Chuck Fetterly, to get some answers regarding traditional and digital media and the things to cons
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